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Jasper Is Love

November 2007




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Nov. 29th, 2007

Jasper Is Love


My old LJ anyway because I finally got my password back.

...But I'm not using this anymore. MY MESSAGE COUNT IS SCARY DX

I should I put a post up here ages ago. One thing led to another and everything went to hell and no more LJ for me.

Lots has happened and changed. Life is crazy. If you remember me, hit me up! I miss you wonderful people!!!

Email: midoriko_aimee_tigereye@yahoo.com
AIM: MadSciGrl

Don't forget to let me know who you are when you contact me :D

Apr. 6th, 2007



I have become obsessed. [YES JENNA I HAVE GONE OVER TO THE DARKSIDE OF MYWHORESPACE]. If you have a MySpace let me know so I can friend you ^^


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Jasper Is Love

Graphix Request

I don't know what I have to offer, but if you'd be nice enough to help me you could name your price/keep an I.O.U. :D

I want an icon/banner, NOT SMALL, with a black background and these words on it:

I aM tHe BeAuTiFuL dArK UnDeAd aNgRy MaD iNsAnE sExY gOtH vAmPiRe BiTcH fRoM hElL yOu AlL lOvE tO hAtE aNd HaTe To LoVe

~*Madeline* [Twilight Rainbow]~

Emphasized words:
"beautiful" - large, yellow
"undead" - large
"angry" - red
"mad" - dark red
"insane" - small, large
"sexy" - hot pink
"vampire" - bronze, large
"hell" - blood red
"love" - rose, large
"hate" - burgundy, small
"hate" - crimson, large
"love" - violet, small

The rest in same size prink, white.
Don't forget the sticky caps.
And if you want to be creative I wouldn't say no :D

Please and thank you!!!

[Even if you don't help me, thank you for at least noticing!!!]

Anyone have any suggestions for where I could go/who I could go to for such a thing?

Love regardless<3

Apr. 4th, 2007


I GOT A BUNNY [and then went a "little" nuts]

Originally posted on MySpace: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=48195875

Oh, yes, I do! It came to my family April 2nd. My friend, Ashley, found it, abandoned, in a box, downtown. She asked my dad to help her get it to the humane society, but instead he said we could keep it! Yesterday we got her everything: a cage, hay, alfalfa, fruit cakes, food, a water bottle. My dad went all out - she, like all the other inhabitants of our home, is now spoiled. Of course.

Here she is in her doggy-training-kennel-cage:

Look at those ears!

Awww! This one wasn't on purpose, BUT LOOK AT HER!!!

Staring at me...*ninja* (HANDLEBAR MUSTACHE!)

Jus' chillin' 8B

Her name is Groucho. She is the bunny people who don't like rabbits think is cute :D


I was trying to pick her up, she struggled, I tried not to drop her, I did anyway, she was fine, I put her away, later while reading I looked at my arm, and it was bleeding :D it doesn't sting anymore x( but it did :)))

I told my friend, Jenna, about her (hence why I uploaded thess piccies so quickly :DDD), and she looked up bunnies! AMG INSANE FLUFFY! (These are the kinds of bunnies she wants).

Actually, these aren't the TRUE, hard-core, INSANE fluffy bunnies.

English Angora Rabbit D:

This one is kinda like the one that scared Jenna...I think it's a bunny >.<

And her dogs--which are random, but so cute!--though mostly dead D:



As Jenna said: "awwww now THAT'S the cute kind of fuzzy"

Haha so many piccies x)

Apr. 2nd, 2007

Icon - re-reading New Moon

Picture for New Moon's MySpace

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Three of the MANY I took were actually okay, this is the one I sent in to be posted on the page :D LOVE MY FACE XD

Apr. 1st, 2007

Broken Bella

No April Fool

Fights between friends on TV are bullshit.

Real life doesn't work that way. Hearts don't heal, things don't go back to the way they were, friends are never that close to you, tha honest.

Pain and suffering - that's life. Whatever; I know that. But the way we are being raised is a lie. It's all such fucking bullshit.

I don't feel happy, or elated. It's not one day of badness, a few weeks of greatness, and then a few more hurting experiences. I'm lucky to smile while being honest with myself.

It sucks. I'm haunted. Why couldn't they tell us this before? I envy the dead. They wised up.

Go to hell? Please. Life is hell - and there is no heaven.

Mar. 28th, 2007



As some should remember from my last entry, I have an "older brother" named Mark. We aren't physically related, but he's been around in my life ever since I moved to MD (ick!). Only recently have I gotten over adolescent maturity (enough) to actually want to talk with him; I was in denial and all of that crap. So today he calls and my parents are out - in New York - so we talk for a bit. We talk about life - ours are equally uneventful - and I mention how everyone hates me and I have no friends - which is really close to the whole truth - and then I mention how the ones who are nicest to me are the boys that are not my friends because my guy "friends" are more feminine than the girls; and I allow that that is because I have boobs.

Mark laughed so hard it was like he was crying.

He complained a bit, and I defended myself by pointing out it was true, and he said that I shouldn't say such things to him since he's my brother.

a) I grew up with my mom; what do you expect?
b) It's true.
c) He's not technically my brother.

My mom will be so proud of me, she'll laugh her ass off. (HAHA PAYBACK FOR THE ONE PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE WHO ACTUALLY PICKS ON ME!) My dad will probably just tune this out.

He quickly made the excuse that his grandmother was on fire - I protested that he had to say it in French for it to work - so he did - Eddie fans will totally get that! - and then we got off the phone. Goddammit, FaceBook is the one fucking online thing I don't have! (Okay, hyperbole, but still!!!) I didn't get his email, and I miss talking to him already what with how my life's going at the moment, but I'll be fine. I guess that's called being numb.

Just thought I'd share :D
Twilight Is Love


It's been a while since I've posted anything for the general masses to read, so I thought, what the hay! I'm awake anyway, and not studying or working as I should, instead messing with the story that now dominates my existence. When talking to [info]kaiwynn one time I finally mapped out how very cracked up I am in that my obsession with Twilight dominates my life. As it does many of yours - rock on! It's just that awesome. Everything reminds me of it, everything relates back to it, half of my day is dedicated to it in one form or another. So I have figured out how my close family members/friends are like the characters. Whoot!

I am, of course, Rosalie Hale and Isabella Swan.

My "older brother", Mark, is Jacob. Not only is he tall, we are also very close (not willingly on my part, although things have changed since last time he was here), and I used to wish we were actually related because I was the one crushing on him. Plus, his fiance is a bit like Bella in a really kickass way XD

My girlfriend, Sarah, is a lot like Jasper in that she is antisocial, scholarly, she seems emotionless, she's detached, and she's tall.

[info]kaiwynn, of course, is Alice! HAHA XD

MY DAD, is the detachedness of Jasper plus the brawn of Emmett plus the thoughtful genius and musical talent and able-to-do-everything-ness of Edward.

MY MOM, is the spazziness of Alice and the motherliness of Esme and the prettiness of Rosalie and the smarts/ineptitudes of Bella.

My dad can possess the anger of Edward, my mom the anger of Victoria, and Mark the anger of Jacob.

AND THAT'S NOT ALL...probably.

Mar. 19th, 2007

Rosalie Is Love

Musey Musey Muse, also known as "Anti-Maddy's Block"/"Anti-Writer's Block", and to tie in TWILIGHT--


Yes, Rosalie is my muse, hence the picture of "her" that I use for all my artsy posts (as of lately, which isn't much of a pattern, but oh well).

For those of you who keep up with my journal entries, you may have caught a glimpse of one I posted about how I am Rosalie, and hence why I love her. (I also posted one on why I love Jasper, which is only vaguely related, but still--JASPER IS LOVE!!!)

The way I figure it, Rosalie Lillian Hale is beautiful, and raw, and a very large part of my very being. She represents all that I wish I had in this world for real-life inspiration, and several bits of myself I only discovered through reading Twilight and New Moon (because I am a loser, ahem). She also means even more to me that I'm not sure I know all of, much less can accurately post about, so I'll leave it for my three readers to ponder and figure out if they so wish :D
Rosalie Is Love

Great God Madeline ---- ---- --------!!!

I need to stop falling in love with my damn self!!! GAH!!!

I just wrote this little piece of a spoken exchange. It serves no purpose (although it nestles comfortably in a Twilight fanfiction storyline for use later on) and I am sad to say might not make much sense to, well, anyone. And, if it does, it might very well be a spoiler. But feh! I'm proud of it. Don't ask me why. As I said earlier, I'm in love with myself.

"Um...you look...very nice."
"Only very nice?"
"Silly Jacob Black, that’s hardly an encouraging response."
"What am I supposed to say?"
"The truth, why of course!"
"What do you mean?"
"Tell me what you really think of what I’m wearing, duh."
"Here’s a hint: usually on the first date a girl is going for...?"
"You’re clueless, Jake. Usually a girl goes for sexy on a first date, of course."
"But this isn’t our first date."
"Well of course it is."
"No it isn’t."
"Then what, pray tell, was?"
"Your word of the day."
"Don’t be shy. Tell me!"
"How do you define a first date?"
"The first time two people who really like each other plan to get together as more than friends."
"By that reasoning, our first date was the day before your stint in the hospital."
"...When you came back from exiling yourself."
"...So our first kiss is already covered."
"Then this will come as little surprise to you..."
"That’s what I was aiming for."

...I blame my muse, aka "Anti-Maddy's Block"/"Anti-Writer's Block" (two completely different things).

Now I wanna go write more little pieces like this...AH HA! DRABBLES! MWAHAHA!

...Ahem *shifty eyes* I was going for cute...and understandable...without anything more than dialogue?...Meep?

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